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Saturday, 17 November 2012

It wasn't fair!

Thats right ... It wasn't fair that we didn't have a show to podcast to you lovely folks this week!
It was like the best show in the world (Tenacious D ....ummm Tenacious LULD)

It was indeed a fun show, so I thought why not give ya'll a show that was also very fun to do.

There have been many shows that have been quite the hilarious. But I just kept on coming back to one show inparticular. 
Show 190.... Why this show?? Well I chose this show because it features 2 lads from The Snowdroppers .. Pauly K and Wishbone.

Have a good listen as they do an acoustic version of Rosemary for us as well as do the community announcement which was one of the funniest segments we have heard on the Show...

So here it is ... Show 190 (Aired on the 4/10/2011) Featuring Paully K and Wishbone from The Snowdroppers


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