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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Show 249

Welll alrighty then!!!!

Here it is Show no.249 (Broadcasted on the 20/11/12)

Twas a fun lil show especially when we tackled the topic of  trolls being arsehats. More specifically being arsehats and making negative comments about the absolutely stunning Teer Wayde, who as you may know by now is the first female centrefold to grace the pages of Cleo (See previous post for the pics). 
The most memorable part of the show, and I think alot of you who were able to listen would agree, was the quote of the night that remarkably came from the voicebox of Rockabilly Rhino (in reference to the trolls hatin on Teer Waydes pics) "They are the load their mothers should of swallowed" FUNNY MAN!!!

Anyways this podcast is just under 1 Hour and 40 minutes due to the fact I have to fine tune my recording software ... so apologies for missing the last 20 minutes! So with that being said, there is only one more thing to do ... ENJOY THE SHOW!!!!

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