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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

What to expect...

So tonight on Liquored Up & Lacquered Down you can expect the usual idiotic Beavis & Butthead style banter...BUT.... we will also be taking the opportunity to congratulate and talk about Teer Wayde.
Teer Wayde is the first female centrefold to grace the pages of Cleo, but what makes this so awesome is the fact that she is a tattoo'd lass with curves to kill! 
So we think she deserves every piece of recognition coming her way!!!

Photgrapher Tay Bassi (also found on FACEBOOK)
Photgrapher Tay Bassi (also found on FACEBOOK)
 Also on tonights show we will also be talking about a topic that is very near and dear to our hearts...or arses in this case.... Toilet Paper - Are you a scruncher or folder??

So be sure to tune in tonight 9pm AEST (Sydney Australia) for Liquored Up & Lacquered Down!

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