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Who Are We??


Name: Wolfman Dan
Age : 29
Located: Central Coast, NSW Australia
Favourite Music - Stupid question! If i didn't love the type of music we play then i wouldn't be doing it full stop. The music i keep comin back to is Rockabilly n Psychobilly. But I ain't just limited to those styles, I love loads of different styles like swing, ska, punk, celtic punk, blues, jazz, alt country n whatever else please my ear holes. I just can't stand the nonsense that is being passed as 'music' these days ... it's bullshit!


Favourite Bands - Look below.... pretty much everything Rhino just mentioned... plus some!!

What got ya into radio - Funny story! Rhino n I came up with a bullshit story about me helping unfortunate kids who listen to crap music and i was educating them about it. I have no idea how the radio station bought it but I was allowed to come on the show for one night. The co-host at the time (good friend of ours) kinda got booted or asked to leave the station, so me being the bastard that i am came in a filled the spot. Haven't looked back since really, just been going full steam ahead.

Best Thing About Doing Radio - Meeting new people, ohhh and gettin calls from complete strangers telling us what a cool show we have. It's uber freakin trippy being out at a gig or strip club n someone walks upto you and says how much they dig the show.
What also makes this thing cool is the support we get from friends and fans, it's pretty crazy! 
What do you do when ya not doin the show - Apart from dodging silver bullets, I am also studying to be a counsellor. Really what takes up most of my time when i am not either working, studying or doin the show is going to gigs, I can't think of anything cooler than going to a gig and checkin out some cool bands and drinking a shitload of beer then forgetting you went and then the next day unable to remember you went and watched some live music.

Name: Rockabilly Rhino
Age : 26
Located: Newtown, NSW Australia
Favourite Music - it may sound like a wanker thing to say, but a bit of everything really. With the exception of contemporary r'n'b and hip-hop post-'95, that crap's horrible!!

Favourite Bands - The Brains, Demented Are Go, The Cramps, Stray Cats, Reverend Horton Heat, Gutter Demons, The Porkers, Frantic Flintstones, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Koffin Kats, Bob Log III, Ghoultown, Calabrese... if they get played on the show, chances are they're one of my favourites!!

What got ya into radio - I dunno, but I'm surprised I fit!

Best Thing About Doing Radio - Free beer. Two sweetest words in the English language. That, and having my face poked by random chicks, that's always fun.

What do you do when ya not doin the show - Currently, Fallout: New Vegas and Metal Slug, but I do rather enjoy all forms of nerdery, not just video games. That, and I plot to take over the world.

So What is Liquored Up & Lacquered Down?

Starting in November 2007, the dynamic duo of high haired hellraisers (otherwise known as The Rockabilly Rhino and Wolfman Dan) bring you the best in psychobilly, rockabilly and rock 'n' roll combined with a sizzling dash of surf, ska, swing and punk...

In mid-April 2008, the show inched its way to a halfway decent timeslot of 10PM til midnight on a Wednesday nite, giving people a reasonable chance to hear most of the show (except for people with choosy radios... ah well thems the breaks).

In the first few weeks of 2009, LULD made the jump into cyberspace with live streaming on the internet, and as of July are at 8PM Tuesdays and wouldn't have it any other way. You can Tune in and follow the links to hear us stream online at http://www.fm993.com.au

If you're in or know of a rockabilly, psychobilly, swamp, ska, surf, alt-country, horror punk, Celtic punk, swing or mariachi (yes, you read correctly) band or think your stuff would fit in on the show and you're not getting any airtime then send us your music at:

Liquored Up & Lacquered Down
PO Box 468
Chatswood NSW 2057

If we like it we'll play it, no questions asked!

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